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About Us

Creative Little Farmhouse is the original brainchild of Jacquelyn Marousis-Bush.  It was a dream of hers to have a creative outlet where crafting and farmlife intersected.  It began with crafting, then a sublimation machine, a laser cutting machine, and even a 3-D printer.  It was going to morph into a piece of land in North Carolina to include subsistence, sustainable farming and a physical store and workshop that honors God and gives back to the community.  Life happens, however, and life happened in royal form.  Jacquelyn fell extremely ill with a myriad of chronic, disabling illnesses.  Then, the unthinkable happened: her aunt passed away suddenly in April 2021.  In the wake of this devastation, I officially formed Creative Little Farmhouse and took over the business to ensure that her vision remained alive.  We moved from North Carolina back to New Jersey (where the bulk of her family is located).  We are now looking forward and charting a path for our family business that has Jacquelyn in an advisory capacity.  Our children (Carissa -16, George -14, Charlie -10, and Christian -6) help with order fulfillment.  Carissa is a true artist and actually produces designs, drawings, and ideas we use.  George is a technical genius who knows all things 3-D printing (and gaming).  Charlie and Christian are creative in their own right, but there’s not yet a market for cardboard and painter’s tape swords and shields.  I run the laser machine, paint, work with the power tools, and teach college kids to be creative (I’m an English professor).  We are positioning ourselves in this market for success and plan to achieve our original dream of establishing our own farm one day.  In the meantime, take some time to read our blog posts, explore our website, and place an order for some of the highest quality custom-made goods on the market.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask.  Creativity is not only our name, it’s our passion and our obsession.


We want to inspire others to share their faith in God with the world.


We want to spread kindness like wildfire and inspire others to carry that flame forward.


We want those who engage with us to feel like family, to know that we care about them as individuals, and to be inspired to treat others with the same care.


We want to inspire others towards greater levels of creativity and THINK outside the box.


We want to inspire others to try new things and get OUT of the box.

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