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Baby You’re A Firework!

Last night I watched the President speak on TV with 2 of my children while we anxiously awaited the fireworks. This year, many towns weren’t able to hold their usual firework display show because of Covid. Honestly, it was ok with me because my older son is scared to death of fireworks and his sensory issues kick into full gear when they go off.

Lately I have been struggling with life. I’ve been questioning a lot of things and asking God “Why?” practically everyday. I spoke to someone last week that understood exactly some of my thoughts, and I was happy for a brief moment because not only did they understand, they actually expressed to me the exact thoughts I was having without me saying something first! I forgot to mention that in my eyes, said person is an extremely successful individual with a prestigious, good paying job, a gorgeous successful wife, and a well trained, well USA traveled championship dog! It got me thinking, we ALL have these same thoughts at some point in our life, maybe even multiple times.

It’s just like when I was diagnosed with Hemiplegic Migraines. I thought I was the only person that was experiencing certain things. It wasn’t until I joined 2 Hemiplegic Migraine support groups that I realized I wasn’t alone and that others had the same fears, same side effects, and even the same questions. Once I accepted that I wasn’t alone, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. It wasn’t because I found there was a cure for what I have (because there’s not), it was just because someone understood.

So this year, instead of drowning in your sorrows, celebrate the fact that you are amazing. You are unique and wonderfully made. Be passionate in whatever it is that you do, and know you are not alone!

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