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Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

Happy New Year! It’s the first day of your new book, which happens to have 366 days this wonderful leap year! What is it that you resolved to do? I have done some serious soul searching this last week, and I decided that it is time to make some serious changes!

So change, what is it? The literary meaning is to become different. I was stuck in such a rut. I wasn’t doing anything to propel myself forward in anyway. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was plain depressed, or if it is because of my illness.

On December 19th I turned 40. After looking back on my life I thought, man, I haven’t accomplished much. An old friend I know from High School kindly pointed out that I have, it was my 4 children. While I am very proud of my 4 children, I don’t want them to define me. I don’t want my obituary to just say loving daughter, wife, and mother. I want it to say a bit more. Is that selfish?

So what did I do? I went to Google of course! I literally searched up things that I could improve upon that wouldn’t be near impossible to accomplish. I numbered my notebook 1-25, and my well thought out list was born! I am going to include it in the hopes it helps you as well.

  1. Build a better budget (meal plan monthly since this is how we tend to shop)

  2. Cook or try a new food a week

  3. Read more

  4. Book all doctor visits for the year (I have since found this to be impossible because doctor’s don’t usually schedule out past the 3 month mark)

  5. Walk more (especially since I will never run due to all my surgeries, nor do I have the desire to)

  6. Plan a vacation for myself, and another for just the family (I like to go on a vacation without the husband or kids. When I come back, I am refreshed, and ready to take on the world)

  7. Exercise regularly to become healthier

  8. Drink more water

  9. Get more sleep

  10. Start journaling

  11. Don’t leave pictures on the phone or computer, make books

  12. Declutter and deep clean one thing a week

  13. Work on new hobbies

  14. Do one thing at a time (OMG, why wasn’t I doing this before? I feel so much more accomplished)

  15. Treat myself to an affordable facial once a month (I bought a facemask from Target, and my daughter and I started this as part of our skincare routine)

  16. Compliment myself (because I normally look at myself and see what’s wrong)

  17. Learn a new skill or craft (I really want to learn how to knit)

  18. Eat more blueberries and walnuts (I hear they are good for you)

  19. Set achievable goals and celebrate

  20. Say NO more often

  21. Tell people I love them more often

  22. Do more of what I love

  23. Laugh more

  24. Take back my life

  25. Enjoy it!

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