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Happy Un-Birthday To Me!

It has been exactly one year since we have decided to move down South. In that year, we have had some major adjustments. The kids have had to adjust to a new school, new friends, and a new way of life. I’ve had to adjust to new stores (hey that’s a big deal when you are used to having everything right there), new friends, and a new way of life. We started in a fully furnished condo and now we are in a house that we have furnished to our liking. So in one year we have managed to move twice which is hard to do at any given time. Now add to that my two surgeries (shoulder and tonsils), and a major injury where I have blown out my newish knee.

2020 has been the year of disaster for many. Even still, I don’t think it’s been my worst year. Crazy right?! Have I had to phone NJ and ask them to send toilet paper? Yes! Have I been unable to find bleach, anti-bacterial wipes, soap, or forgotten my mask? Yes! But what I have found is that it’s going to be ok. It sure beats some memories I’d rather leave dormant inside my brain.

I myself have something to celebrate. I lost 13 pounds because I was unable to eat for a little over 2 weeks! This method is totally NOT recommended, and I am sure I will gain it back once I do start eating, but for now I will bask in my weight loss. How did I do it you ask? I wasn’t able to get much down besides broth (chicken or vegetable), and thinned out cream of wheat. Heck, mashed potatoes weren’t even manageable. This crash diet was certainly not a way of life. By the end I was dreaming of food, and crying because it hurt to eat or I couldn’t.

I’ve heard people say just eat the cake, because I’d rather die fat and happy than starve myself for the rest of my life. Well, I certainly don’t want to die fat, but happy sounds pretty amazing! Can’t we enjoy both? Everything in moderation. How the heck did this post turn into a bit about diets? Because I am a firm believer they do not work. It’s a lifestyle change…

One year! A lot can change in a year. Do I miss my family? You better believe it! I’m thankful I do have my aunt about 7 minutes away, 2 cousins about 2 hours aways, and we’ve had lots of visitors. It’s not the same as having your mom and grandmother 20 minutes away and your surrogate dad a room away.

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