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New Year, Better You…And Something Sweet

It’s 2022! While people are out there trying to keep their resolutions, usually about their weight, I am over here making Cinnamon Buns like it’s no one’s business! Technically they aren’t for me, but still, I haven’t made any resolutions because I am one of those people who can’t keep them! So, I resolve to NOT make resolutions this year!

I had a grand idea last year that I was going to do something cool like keep an embroidery journal. I saw it on Tik Tok. I thought, wow, that is so cool. It would help me to “focus” on something that happened in my day, and I could satisfy my need to craft. Some of you are aware that I have medical issues, and if you are new to my life, you will find out that I have medical issues! This is why Creative Little Farmhouse became a family business because most days it’s all I can do to get up or even stay up! So, my family is helping me to live my dream...But I digress. I never started that embroidery journal! See, I told you I couldn’t keep resolutions!

Last year was probably one of the most trying years I’ve ever had in my life. I lost one of my biggest cheerleaders and one of the most important people in my life, and I still haven’t recovered. If I am being honest, I don’t think I will ever recover. Through her loss, our family has found how very important going to the doctor is, and even more so, how much our family loves and needs each other.

Sometimes it’s not enough to eat healthy and exercise. Please do not think that is all you need to do. Go to the doctor, get a check up from head to toe. Have your blood pressure checked, find out what your cholesterol is, and take care of whatever ails you. If you’re a woman, go to your yearly OB appointments and get a mammogram! Take care of yourself physically. Take care of yourself mentally! If you need to talk to someone just to get thoughts out of your head, do that. There is nothing wrong with that. Don’t let anyone judge you for it because they aren’t living your life. The world needs people to listen to other people’s crap without worrying someone is going to tell on them!

If you make any resolutions, resolve to do whatever you need to to make your life better! Oh, and you don’t need to give up junk completely; everything in moderation! Cinnamon Buns anyone?

Gluten + Dairy Free Cinnamon Buns


  • 1 Cup warm Almond Milk (110-115°)

  • 1 Packet of Rapid Yeast

  • 1 Teaspoon apple cider vinegar

  • ½ Cup Sugar

  • ½ Cup Vegan Butter (I use Earth Balance)

  • 2 Eggs

  • 3 ½ Cups Gluten Free Flour (I use Bob Red Mill’s 1 to 1 Baking Flour)

  • ¼ Teaspoon Salt

  • 2 Teaspoons baking powder


  • ½ Cup Vegan Butter (I use Earth Balance)

  • 1 Cup Packed Brown Sugar

  • 1 ½ Tablespoons Ground Cinnamon

  • ½ Teaspoon Gluten Free Vanilla (I prefer the Molina brand. I also tend to measure with my heart here a little bit)


  • 2 Cups Powdered Sugar

  • 5 Tablespoons Almond Milk

  • 1 Teaspoon Gluten Free Vanilla (I prefer the Molina brand. I also tend to measure with my heart here a little bit)

Preheat the oven to 350°.

Mix together warmed almond milk and rapid yeast. Set aside and let sit for 10 minutes. While waiting, in a mixer, cream together softened dairy free butter and sugar. Cream for at least 5 minutes. Slowly add eggs 1 at a time. Add apple cider vinegar to milk and yeast mixture. Stir for 2 minutes then add to the sugar, milk, and egg mixture. Switch out to a dough hook once incorporated. Add in flour, salt, and baking powder a bit at a time to the wet ingredients. Stop occasionally and scrape down the bowl. Mix until everything is incorporated.

While that is mixing, make the filling. Melt the butter, then add the brown sugar, ground cinnamon, and vanilla. Set aside and go back to your bun dough.

Pour mixture onto a piece of floured parchment paper that is roughly 30 inches long. Sprinkle a little extra flour on top and add a coat to the rolling pin. Roll mixture out to cover all the parchment paper. {Sidenote: The dough will not be like “regular” dough. It’s a bit soft and messy, but not sticky by the way.} Once rolled out, spread the filling out across all the dough. Roll dough by lifting the parchment paper and flipping it up a bit. Keep on until it’s completely rolled. Depending on how you roll it out, you can get between 12-18 cinnamon buns. Once you have cut the cinnamon buns, I typically take and cover the baking sheet with the parchment paper I used to roll everything out on. Also, when placing the cinnamon buns on a baking sheet, I prefer a smaller one so that they don’t spread out so much while cooking. Additionally, you will have to shape them a bit, but they cook beautifully.

Place the baking sheet in the middle of the oven and cook at 350° for 25-30 minutes until brown.

While your cinnamon buns are cooking, make your glaze in a bowl. Mix together powdered sugar, almond milk, and vanilla. When cinnamon buns come out pour glaze over the cinnamon buns and enjoy.

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