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{Self} Love Hurts, Push Through It

Last month I made a commitment to myself to change my ways. So many have done the same, and so many have failed. The ones I am focused on particularly are the healthy eating and exercising goals. I am proud to say I have been staying the course. Has it been hard? Absolutely. Have I wanted to quit? You betcha!

What has been the thing that has kept me going???

For starters, I didn’t want to let myself down. Let’s face it; I wasn’t going to let anyone else down but me anyhow. I invested in myself, and I would hate to see me wasting money if I wasn’t going to follow the plan!

Was it a lot of money? Well, I can honestly say I am worth every penny and more. Further, when you look at the cost and break it all down, it’s not a lot at all. For $0.27 a day I have access to over 13,000 different workout videos all from the comfort of my own home (and if I am away, my laptop, Firestick, or iPad). For $3.25 I also get a bunch of vitamins. So that’s literally less than $4 a day to keep me healthy! Waaaaayyyyy less than a drink from Starbucks!

The exercise, oh the ercise! My body was in pain at first. It was the initial shock of me not really working muscles that I was using. My back was killing me, and I was ready to give up as soon as I pressed play. Well, maybe not really, but it sure felt that way. Up until then I had only been doing physical therapy, and now I am doing an amazing at-home Barre class, which if you’re interested in trying, you should let me know. Anyway, this Barre class has been wonderful because honestly I love to dance. It makes me feel like I am not exercising, even though we all know that’s not true. I have felt like dying everywhere from 5 minutes in to celebrating making it through the cool down. When I am ready to quit, I look at my amazing online “friends” who look like they could go another 30 minutes and I say, “You got this girl!”

You see, I made these goals, and through hell or high water I was going to make it happen. So, if you see me post about working out, eating healthy, or who wants to join me on my journey....don’t pass me by. Cheer me on! I sure could use the encouragement. And if you pass me by even though you see my posts, it’s ok, I’ll do it without you cause I have a whole cheerleading squad with the team of 700+ that I belong to.

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