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You Win Some, I Lose Some

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Growing up I have some awesome memories that are forever ingrained in my mind. I can remember Sunday night dinners at my Papou’s (grandfather), Greek dance practice (which was always a favorite), hanging out at either my Aunt Cynthia or Aunt Karen’s house playing with my cousins and swimming in the pool, going to the beach every day in the Summer (isn’t that what good Jersey girls do?), playing outside with the neighborhood kids until the street light came on or mom called me in, riding bikes, concerts with my mom, mini golfing with her, and of course, the Boardwalk.

Kids these days will never understand going outside to play until the streetlight comes on. Heck, half the time they are forced to go out. Right now we don’t live in a regular neighborhood, and they have no friends next door, not that they had friends next door where we used to live! Anyway, I digress.

Our kids LOVE electronics. Big surprise. Most all kids love electronics. We have to kick them off of them and make them play with toys. Once we get them playing with toys and using their imagination, they really are quite fun to watch. I am so thankful that the boys will play nicely together. There are days that it’s frustrating, but I celebrate more of them playing together.

Our kids LOVE games. They live to play poker with Yiayia (when we see her), and they can really get into a whole slew of board games. It is family tradition that every Friday or Saturday we sit in the kitchen and tune out the world. We have what we like to call “Family Fun Night” which is really family game night.

Currently our family is into a game that George’s best friend gifted him for his birthday. It’s called Awkward Family Photos. FYI, I am NOT being paid by the game company, it’s just a fun game. We even have Christian playing it with us. We set him up with a card holder and let him pick cards at random. Funny thing is that sometimes he wins! We also like Apples to Apples. Monopoly, and Relative Insanity. When all else fails though, we turn to poker. Chips and all!

I am hoping that these Friday and Saturday nights will be memories that the kids remember. I want them to remember the laughs we share around the table with popcorn and ice cream. I want them to remember pizza Fridays where we need to tell them last round, it’s bedtime, and maybe we can play again tomorrow. I want them to remember all this and maybe, just maybe when they have their own kids, they will create their own traditions or continue this one.

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